Sep 24th IPv6 Proxies Specifically for Yahoo

I have spoken to several clients over the past 2 weeks regarding ipv6 proxies that work specifically on Yahoo. I wasn't aware that Yahoo blocks almost every commercial ipv6 provider out there. So we had a problem to solve to help these clients.Well, we solved this issue and we've now acquired ipv6 ranges that are certified working on Yahoo. Whats ... Read More »

Sep 15th Revamped IPv6 Dedicated Servers

Greetings All,Yesterday we took a long hard look at the fairly new IPv6 Dedicated Servers program and we listened to early client feedback regarding this service. And we revamped and added a few features to this service that were not available in the initial rollout of the service. As of now, we've added the following new features:1.) We've ... Read More »