Sneaker Botters Private IP Ranges

  • Thursday, 12th January, 2023
  • 22:52pm

Sneaker botters of today need crystal clean, and I mean by that, a zero fraud score range of ip's to be successful in their industry. IP's have to be new, fresh, and unused previously in the sneaker botting industry. In order to achieve this level of ip, we need to obtain new ip ranges directly from the isp's themselves.

Coming directly from the isp's themselves, and announced directly from their own respective ASN numbers, we have the following options available:

Location: Ashburn, Virginia
New IP Allocations: /22's (1,024 IPv4's per order minimum)
Dedicated Server Included with all orders
0% IP Fraud Score Guaranteed
Speed Guarantee: 1-10 GB/s

ISP's and Costs:

AT&T Network: IPv4 /22 (1,024 IPv4's): $2100.00 USD per month
Comcast Cable: IPv4 /22 (1,024 IPv4's): $2300.00 USD per month
RCN Cable: IPv4 /22 (1,024 IPv4's): $1800.00 USD per month
Windstream: IPv4 /22 (1,024 IPv4's): $1800.00 USD per month
Previously *USED*: IPv4 /22 (1,024 IPv4's): $1400.00 USD per month (NO Guarantees on previously used networks)

As the ranges are large in size, this service is more geared towards medium and higher level sneaker botters.

It should also be noted that while these ip ranges are highly optimized for sneaker botters, other industries can use clean residential ip ranges as well and are more than welcome to place orders for these ip ranges.

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