This goes out to all our Google ad clickers that drive traffic to their ads or drive traffic to their clients ads to click on those ads to earn revenue for the ad holder. For those of you in this industry that are paying hundreds or even thousands of dollars per month for your traffic or ad clicking operations, know that there is a much easier system out there.

Switching over to ipv6 proxies gives you a much larger pool of ip's to work with at a fraction of the cost of traditional ipv4's. A single ipv6 /48 allocation is equivalent to 64,000 ipv4's (saying that each ipv6/64 is equivalent to 1 ipv4). A single /48 allocation would keep you in business far longer than any ipv4 operation you could get your hands on.

When revenue matters for your ad operations, take a look at what we offer as our solution.

Martedì, Settembre 13, 2022

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