Greetings All,

Yesterday we took a long hard look at the fairly new IPv6 Dedicated Servers program and we listened to early client feedback regarding this service. And we revamped and added a few features to this service that were not available in the initial rollout of the service. As of now, we've added the following new features:

1.) We've reduced the amount of open ports from 60,000 to just 5,000 to enable the servers to run faster.

2.) We've added auto-timed ipv6 ip regeneration. This means the entire proxy system has the ability to regenerate the entire 5,000 ipv6's currently embedded into the system. This is state of the art because its the first system that can retro-actively regenerate ip's from the whole ipv6/48 allocation. Under the old system you had a hard limit of 60,000 ip's that could not change. Under this new system, those 5,000 ip addresses can change on X minutes intervals. This means you can have your own personal infinte proxy system that literally has no cap on the amount of ipv6's that are possible. Regeneration takes approximately 6 minutes or less and replaces all 5,000 proxies currently on the system. The system can regenerate those proxies on any time (minutes or hours) interval that you desire.

3.) Under the old system we only had auth by username and password. Under the new system IP Auth is available, as well as traditional auth by username and password.

Thursday, September 15, 2022

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